dry humidity

honourable authenticity

I feel my hands so cold

that’s a ring full of memories

keeping safe under any circumstances

a tree that hides

behind the vision

that no one respected

everything obeys to the statistics

until numbers lose their identity

until man decides to dream

necessity of decision!

harmony includes disharmony

and vice versa

it’s common knowledge now

the blue ant meets the endless ocean

and decides to take up swimming

nothing is colder than the fire

this is a story that I hate

when the fire is forced to extinction

when the decision has been made

Kyaneon Selas, 1/6/2012


About Κυάνεον Σέλας

מנא ,מנא, תקל, ופרסין
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One Response to dry humidity

  1. Ο/Η D@rkness λέει:

    Πολυ συμβολικο το κειμενο / ποιημα! Και ειναι γεματο με προσωπικα στοιχεια, που καποιος εξωτερικος παρατηρητης δεν μπορει να αντιληφθει, αλλα αναγκαστικα τα προσαρμοζει στα δικα του δεδομενα βασει των αισθητηριων του…


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