Welcome to the Machine tribute

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
welcome, my beloved
prepare your flesh to be eaten
prepare your eyes to be blinded
prepare your blood to forget
prepare your soul to be demolished
prepare your existence to be doomed to non-being


Welcome my son,
humanity owes you a welcome
and a preparation

prepare your spirit to become empty

the machine does never forget
does never forgive
does never desire
does never feel
[you dreamt of green leaves]
does never rest
does never exist

prepare to ignore the machine
prepare to discover the machine
prepare to underestimate the machine
prepare to hate the machine
prepare to understand the machine
prepare to pretend that you understand the machine
[you dreamt of blue seas]
prepare to think that you understand the machine
prepare to adore the machine
prepare to worship the machine
prepare to be ready to become the machine
prepare to desire to become the machine
Welcome my son,
prepare to desire to control the strength of the machine
prepare to fight against the machine
prepare to think of yourself as a hero
prepare to see the machine in the mirror
prepare to win or lose

you dreamt of resting at the staircases of The Kingdom

prepare to lose yourself
[you dreamt of white clouds]
prepare to forget being human, even if you try to act like human

blind eyes lead to frozen corpses
frozen corpses indicate empty souls

the past devours the present
the future devours the spirit
the present does never exist
time is never active
nor passive

Welcome my son,
life is the most precious present
So, Welcome to the machine

there are no green leaves, blue seas or white clouds
[you dreamt of the darkest light ever]
only The Kingdom exists
until then, rest in your dreams…
So, Welcome to the machine

                                                                 (homage to Welcome to the machine, by Pink Floyd)

                                                                                                               Kyaneon Selas, 29/3/2012


About Κυάνεον Σέλας

מנא ,מנא, תקל, ופרסין
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5 Responses to Welcome to the Machine tribute

  1. Ο/Η Eponymous λέει:

    So welcome my son… Welcome to the machine… The machine never loses… The machine wins every battle… The machine never exists… But the machine is here… The machine isn’t here… The machine is everywhere and nowhere… So welcome my son, welcome to the machine !

  2. Ο/Η Mortal Oracle λέει:

    Ωραίος Κυάνεον Σέλας! Η Μηχανή… Μεγάλη ιστορία αυτή η Μηχανή… Ποιός τη βλέπει όμως; Και αν τη βλέπει, τί μπορεί να κάνει; Η Μηχανή είναι παντοδύναμη… Τα γρανάζια της θα σκίσουν τη σάρκα αυτουνού που τόλμησε να την αντικρίσει… Τέλος πάντων… Πολύ ωραίο μπλογκ! Συγχαρητήρια!


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